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Brightech Litespan Led 2nd Edition Reading & Craft Floor Lamp

The brightech litespan slim- 2nd edition led reading craft floor lamp is perfect for when you need a light to help with reading or writing in your home. This lamp is dimmable with a touch switch for easy control, or you can use the light color and height options to create a light that fits your space. The 27-inch tall pole is perfect for tasks such as working in your office,

Lavish Home  5 Feet Sunlight Floor Lamp With Adjustable Goos

Top 10 Brightech Litespan Led 2nd Edition Reading & Craft Floor Lamp Sale

This is a great reading and craft floor lamp for those who want to make things work in the office. The slim-form is perfect for small spaces and the touch switch makes it easy to adjust. The light is adjustable to fit any room temperature and the gooseneck provides extra light for deadening tasks. The brightech litespan has a two-year warranty.
this brightech led reading and craft floor lamp is perfect for a small room. It features a sun-visor handle, and is adjustable to a exact of 5 feet sunlight. It has alavish's five colors and a remote control. This lamp is also floor-safe for use in a clean room.
this is a great skyskier led floor lamp that is both bright and durable. This lamp is perfect for the individual who wants to spend a night relaxing or playing games. This lamp is also superbright, making it perfect for night time use. This lamp is also diyable, so it is perfect for anyone who wants to get involved in lamp making.